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Samsung  Solve For Tomorrow 

Samsung's Solve For Tomorrow programme which explores the role tech can play in creating a better future. The talks, online courses and competition is designed to empower future generations to pioneer positive social change in areas of education, sustainability, social isolation and diversity, equality and inclusion.


I was invited to give a talk and co-create an online curriculum on the topic of designing for a diverse and inclusive future, using tech as a tool to solve some of society’s biggest issues. Topics explored within my talk and online course include what does diversity really means, the impact of not having a diverse industry and real examples of how tech as a tool for social change.

You can watch the talk here: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

You can enroll in the online course here: Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Future

All images belong to Samsung UK.

Expert speaker and online course co-creator for Samsung UK.

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