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Modual Workshops

Project manager for Modual.

Role: Project manager, designer, social media content creator and part of the broadcasting team.  

Modual is a cross-disciplinary collaborative workshop that uses various agile practices from the creative industries and beyond to help participants generate innovative projects for positive social change. Facilitated by Fred Deakin at University of the Arts London (UAL) and Abbie Freeman, and produced by Molly Gavriel. Modual: Open Futures and Modual Climate Emergency has been developed in collaboration with Snootie Studios and Ricebox Studio.

Each workshop explores different topics and includes mentoring and collaboration from industry experts such as Kickstarter, Makerversity, Somerset House, Glasgow SoA, Studio Moross, Blast Theory, Extinction Rebellion, Design Manchester, Glasgow School of Art and The British Council

Please click on the titles below to watch the workshop videos!

Modual: Interact Global (2018)

60 students from UAL in London, RMIT University in Melbourne and DMJX in Copenhagen digitally collaborate to creative projects to make their cities a better place through design.

Modual: Catalyst (2019)

At The Design Museum, UAL staff and students explore the future of arts education and various new technological possibilities to transform the way we engage and inspire students.


Modual: Kickstarter (2018 + 2019)

The workshop that took place in London and Glasgow simultaneously with UAL and Glasgow School of Arts students digitally collaborating to create and launch a Kickstarter campaign. 

Modual: Climate Emergency (2020)

An opportunity for UAL students to design, develop and launch a response to the current climate emergency. The two week workshop was also broadcasted online at aim was to remove barriers to arts and design education, and share tools of design thinking, pitching and project management to a wider audience.

Modual: Open Futures (2020)

This workshop hosted almost 200 global participants through online facilitation from 12 different time zones! All sessions were also broadcasted online, available to external audiences, at Modual TV which was curated and run by Ricebox Studio. 

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